What is the Hospital Appeal?

The Chotallah Hospital Appeal is a registered UK charity. Our aim is to initially build a rural hospital in the impoverished village of Chotallah in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Right now the people of Chotallah do not have access to a hospital. Because of this, women are forced to give birth in their own homes without a midwife or any medical support, and as a result 1 in 24 babies die before they are one month old (source: UNICEF UK). If someone has a medical emergency, whether it’s a serious injury or a heart attack, there’s no emergency number to call, no ambulance sent out. They simply die.

Our hospital will provide a desperately-needed A&E service and maternity unit for the thousands of vulnerable people in Chotallah and the surrounding villages.

Following a visit to Pakistan in February 2013, the maternity-unit phase of the building is almost complete. But we haven’t raised enough money yet to finish building the hospital and open it to the people of Chotallah – so please, please donate today. Thank you for your generous support.